He was born in Sainte Croix-Hague next to Cherbourg, and led a career as a mathematics professor while also dedicating his life to the search for "the real place” at the end of a daydream - adaydream dear to his favorite philosopher, Gaston Bachelard. He created poemsand surrealist collages from 1930, and collaborated with artistic reviews and publications from 1936 to 1939.


Upon his return from captivity in Czechoslovakia, he became a member of the Surrealist Revolutionary Group from 1947 to 1949 with Noel Arnaud, Jean Laude and Christian Dotremont. While continuing to pursue the art of collage, he enriched his palate with painting and sculpture. He created a new pictorial technique: "photopeinture” with much time spent in a darkroom…

His meeting with Emile Malespine gave rise to a friendship, and many the two would exchange and compare many techniques. Bucaille regularly went to Clairefontaine in the Yvelines to visit the former house of Malespine, and it was in this magical safe haven that he would create his paintings and sculptures.

He was a founding and prominent member of the international group "Fantasmagie”. He is considered one of the masters of fantastical realism. He was also a member of the Collège de Pataphysique.

Creator, seeker, tireless experimenter, he never stopped perfecting his techniques. Always moving, much like his work, with the constant desire to innovate, to surpass himself, putting everything in question, life, his work…


The exact opposite of a static painting, those of Bucaille express movement, explosions, the creation of worlds, mineral waves, abysses, worlds in the making, waves of colors, cosmic paintings, cosmic chaos. Everything is movement.


Creator of a poetic and surprising worldthat is deeply moving. His collages are poetic, analytical, political, unmanned, dreamlike, aporetic… they represent and invitation to an inner journey.


This humble man’s curiosity knew no bounds. And it far exceeded the scope of his art. Passionate about fantasy, he was also highly interested in irrational mathematics and learnings from Oriental philosophers...


An entire lifetime pursuing a passionate inner journey, culminating in an exceptional body of work.


Bucaille invites us dream, to follow him into his world, along the road of imaginationthat is open to everyone.